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About the Internship Program
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2013 Next Generation Summer Internship Program


This internship program has been developed to attract, educate, and retain the college-aged next generation of family owned businesses by providing them with a resume-building paid internship experience in a family business not their own.

We are currently searching for Family Owned Businesses to host a summer intern and students who are looking for a great internship experience.

In the past we have had internship opportunities available at ADAC Automotive, Ameritemp, Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping, RoMan Manufacturing, and Vi-Chem Corporation. We are in the process of creating new internship opportunities for this summer and they will be posted soon.

Please contact Ellie Frey Zagel for more information and internship opportunities in a variety of industries and companies.

Are you a student? Learn why you should apply for an internship with FBA.

Why should my company get involved?

The Family Business Internship Program allows employers to work with the leaders of the next generation, and incorporate students who have a love for the family business. Take the opportunity to expand the potential of your company, and give back to the community.

  • Be a part of the multifaceted effort to create 25,000 new interns in Michigan in the next five-years. See West Michigan Strategic Alliance for more information.
  • Internships are a viable strategy for increasing the intellectual capital in West Michigan, which will strengthen our economy.
  • Family Business is the backbone of the West Michigan economy. Our next generation is our future.
  • An inside view of a local family business through an internship for their next generation is a strategic choice for family businesses which intends to remain multi-generational.
  • Increased productivity. Interns can complete project work.
  • A high percentage of interns return after graduation as full-time employees. Interns are a good way for an organization to increase its intellectual capital.
  • An inexpensive recruiting tool.
  • Up to 80 percent of students stay in the city where they complete their internship.
  • Students bring current technology and ideas from the classroom into an organization.
  • Students enhance the diversity in an organization's workforce.
  • Interns provide an opportunity to manage for mid-level staff. They are typically responsible for day-to-day direction of interns.
  • Interns bring creative energy, fresh ideas and a different viewpoint to an organization.

To host a Family Business Alliance Intern, you must be a FBA Member.